Top 5 Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers 2021: Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

If you actually like a podcast in the garden or you’re nearest and dearest do their online yoga classes then you quietly shrink like this, the answer to catching the Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Listening to music on your bike with a portable speaker is probably much safer than wearing headphones, and sticking a playlist while weeding the lawn certainly makes that particular task easier. Whatever your musical fresco needs, there are portable outdoor speakers that are not phased out by a daily dose of Mother Nature.


Fully waterproof speakers are a great option and will survive long dives in your personal pool (the lucky thing you are) while splash-proof speakers can stop some rain with our best. Most portable speakers have hooks or handle to carry plus Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Some models even offer access to voice assistants, should you ask Alexa if Turkey is still on the red list or if Cornwall is likely to sun this weekend.


All of these relatively Dinky models are great for slinging in a bag, but don’t be fooled: there are plenty of high-fidelity options if you really want to make the sound quality truly flat. And JBL’s Charge 5 is finally here with an IP67 rating for water and dust entry. Oh yeah, it made this ‘Best Buy’ list … Read on for a selection of our best outdoor speakers, every complete, in-depth hi-fi? Review attached. We will let you choose your own new choice.


What are the Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers?

best outdoor speakers

The best outdoor speakers combine great sound, durable construction, and helpful features, but you won’t break the bank when decorating your backyard or patio. The speakers on our list all meet these criteria and we have tested them extensively.

Based on this test, the best outdoor speaker right now is the Pollock Atrium 4, which offers quality audio and a sturdy design at a good price. The larger Atrium 5 set is also great if you are willing to pay more, but it is difficult to pass the perfect standard of Atrium 4.

Want something more portable? The Sonos Rome is a small but great sound speaker with high-grade protection against dust and water. If your Wi-Fi signal is amplified in your backyard, you can even use smart features like voice control. The JBL Go3 makes a much cheaper but still perfectly waterproof alternative for Rome.

The Klipsch AW-650 is another great option if you can find a place for it. If you can, you will be rewarded with that huge word ready for any outdoor party.

Read all our picks for the best outdoor speakers.

1. Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2

Small and sensational-sounding

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2
Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2

The Wonderboom 2 Cements Ultimate Years has a reputation for creating beautiful, bright-sounding portable speakers. 13 hours of battery life is enough for any Al-Fresco Extravaganza, on the other hand, an IP67 rating means it won’t be scary if you throw it in a pond or on the beach.

The real attraction, however, is the fantastic sound quality is that what made it 2019 hi-fi? Award winner. It is energetic in any volume and it provides a sudden bash that negates its size. Given that it costs around £ 89 (you can get it cheap too), Wonderboom 2 is a perfect party speaker and is ideal for outdoor travel.

Read the full review: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2


Battery life: 13hr

 Dimensions: HxWxD (cm): 10.4 x 9.5 x 9.5

Features: Bluetooth, IP67 waterproof |

Power: 86 dB

Reasons to Buy

Entertaining sound

Surprisingly weighty bass

Solid battery life

Reasons to Avoid

No built-in smart assistant

2. JBL Charge 5

Updated specs and subtle tweaks for JBL’s fifth-generation Charge

JBL Charge 5
JBL Charge 5

JBL Charge 5 is more durable and sounds better than the charge before. Its predecessor carried an IPX7 rating, meaning it could be submerged at a depth of 1.5 meters, but the IP67-rated Charge 5 is completely dusty, depending on its durability. Want a speaker moderate amount of wine bottle that will charge your phone and sound great? You found it.

Thanks to a new 10W Twitter and restrict-shaped driver it boasts marginal improvements in both gold and aesthetics, compared to its predecessor, the five-star Charge 4 (below).

One day JBL could create a charge that could be defeated by a new and clever opponent, but rest assured, it didn’t happen with the great charge 5.


Dimensions: HxWxD (cm): 22 x 9.6 x 9.4cm

 Power: 30W + 10W tweeter

Features: waterproof, Bluetooth v5.1, power bank, voice assistant integration

Connections: USB-C, USB-A

Reasons to Buy

Clearer and more detailed sound

Wider soundstage

Updated dust proofing

Reasons to Avoid

Nothing at this level


3. JBL Flip 5

Feature-packed it isn’t, but it sounds truly great for the money

JBL Flip 5
JBL Flip 5

Is bdtechtips a worthy one? 2020 award-winner. If you just want a portable external Bluetooth speaker that can sound as good as £ 100, you’ll be hard-pressed to make the Flip 5 better. Really, JBL’s new offer sounds great for the price. If you lack an aux-in port or built-in microphone (as seen in Flip 4) or are unable to partner with older JBL speakers (party boost function is not compatible with Connect + enabled speakers on the back, such as JBL Charge 4), this is a nice one for money Proposal.


It can be low on extra extras, (there’s a wrist strap that fits comfortably on our hands and the Flip 5 feels extra secure when we hold it) but the Flip 5 goes with it. It can be beaten for 12 hours of battery life, but once you actually hear it JBL’s latest flip easily improves price competition.



Dimensions: HxWxD (cm): 7.4 x 18.1 x 6.9

Power: 20W

Features: Bluetooth v4.2, Party Boost for multiple connections to Party Boost enabled JBL speakers, IPX7 rated

Connections: USB-C charger

Reasons to Buy

Solid bass and timing

Great sense of acoustics

PartyBoost stereo pairing

Reasons to Avoid

No aux-in or microphone

Not Connect+ compatible

Basic app


4. Polk Atrium 4

The best outdoor speaker overall

Polk Atrium 4
Polk Atrium 4

The best outdoor speakers need to withstand the elements and provide strong bass, crisp triplets, and full moderation so that enough energy can be heard in both the wind and party chatter. These Pollock speakers check all the boxes and still usually cost less than 150 150.


At 8.6 x 6.7 x 5.7 inches, the Atrium 4s are small enough that they can’t dominate your landscape and are large enough to provide complete sound. With a 4.5-inch mid-upper / Twitter and 0.8-inch twitter inside each speaker, the Atrium 4 handles both classic rock distorted guitar and hip-hop thumping lightning while clearly producing vocals.


If you want more bash and space (and some extra cash), consider Polk’s $ 150 Atrium 5, which comes with a 5-inch midrange UFO / Twitter.


Drivers: 4.5-inch mid/woofer, 0.8-inch tweeter

Wireless: No

Output: 80 watts

Battery: None

Mounting Hardware: Included


Large, crisp soundstage

Relatively small size

Temperature and rain resistant


So-so bass

5. Sonos Roam

The best outdoor speaker with an ultraportable design

Sonos Roam

Like the larger, more expensive Sonos Move, the ROM is a portable smart speaker that slots seamlessly into any of your Sonos multi-room systems. Its external certifications basically come from better weatherproof: with an IP67 rating, the Sonos Rome is protected against dust ingress and can be completely submerged in water if a little rain is excluded.

Just because it has Wi-Fi capability doesn’t mean you need to shake the ROM around your house. The 10-hour battery may not be the problem with most long-lasting Bluetooth speakers, but it can take advantage of its simple auto-play feature wherever it is. This automatically makes the sound output most suitable for the environment, even in open spaces like parks.



Drivers: Mid-woofer, tweeter

Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Output: Not stated

Battery: 10 hours

Mounting hardware: None



Extensive connectivity

Auto TruePlay sound tuning


No Bluetooth multipointMiddling battery life


How to choose the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for you?

When you shop for outdoor speakers, the thing you want to see is weather-proof. Outdoor speakers should be at least partially waterproof, and if you want to keep them out all the time, they should be completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. The next thing you want to consider is how the speakers will be connected. Many outdoor speakers are wired, so you need a power source. If this is not possible in your backyard or patio, you may want to focus on portable Bluetooth speakers.

Next, think about how big your space is and what kind of volume level you need. If you have a small courtyard or want music primarily for a dinner party, a small outdoor speaker may be quite enough. But if you have a large backyard or you want to host a crowded dance party, you may want to shop for a larger speaker with more audio capacity.

Last but not least, there are costs. Outdoor speakers can be expensive, as they need to be hard and stiff enough to withstand the elements. You can still find great sets at any budget level. Notice that Bluetooth speakers are usually going to be more expensive.

Outdoor External Speakers
Outdoor External Speakers

How do we test the best Wireless external speakers?

For the best outdoor speaker, we look at several factors. We start with audio quality: how bass, midrange, treble, and vocal sounds are. Are they balanced? What kind of speakers do Ufar, Midrange Driver, and Twitter have? We look at the size and range to determine how the outdoor speaker will sound in different settings, from a large backyard to a small courtyard or deck. Will speakers be able to fill different fields or are they better in specific set-ups?

Naturally, the best way to answer these questions is to play a variety of music genres, outside of which you would normally find this speaker.

Next, since these are outdoor speakers, we need to consider whether insulation. Are these temperature and water-resistant? Is the speaker housing closed against bugs and dust? Other things include how easy it is to mount the speakers and use the included features like smart technology.

And we want to test different types of outdoor speakers at different price points so that we can make a recommendation for each type of budget. If you want something more affordable than what is on this list, check out the best cheap Bluetooth speakers – though some of them will be waterproof.

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