7 best zowie mouse for palm grip- zowie mouse Buying Guide in 2022

BenQ is one of the top gaming Mice brands on the Jovi market thanks to its simple design and comfortable shell design. We are highly recommended to you best zowie mouse for palm grip is BenQ on this world.

If you are confused about the different types of Zowie Mouse on the market, you are not alone.

Zowie didn’t make it easy when deciding between their Mice models but at the end of this guide you will have a clear understanding of all of them and most importantly which one is right for you.

BenQ Jovi Mices are considered to be one of the most used Mice currently on the market due to their robust construction and convenient shell design.

However, when it comes to choosing the best Zowie mouse for gaming, even the most experienced users can be confused. Once you have read this article to the very end, you will be able to make a confident decision about which model to choose.

7 Best zowie mouse for palm grip

  1. BenQ Zowie EC1-B– Our choice
  2. BenQ Zowie FK2– For a fingertip grip
  3. BenQ Zowie S2– The best Zowie gaming mouse for claw grip
  4. BenQ Zowie ZA13– For people with small hands
  5. BenQ Zowie EC2-B- Good Choice
  6. BenQ Zowie S1- The best Zowie gaming mouse for Palm grip
  7. BenQ Zowie FK1-Best For Claw / Palm-Claw / Fingertip

We carefully examine Zowie Mices and describe their professionalism and difficulties, grip style, and special features. Study the whole list and see which product meets all your needs and hand sizes.

1.BenQ Zowie EC1-B

Our choice

BenQ Zowie EC1-B

DPI: 400 to 3200 | Interface: Wired | Button: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

Rank Review (1,843)

Pal offers palm/nail grip

3360 optical sensor suitable for gaming

USB regular USB report Micee

Plug and play features

A Sensor with a limited DPI range Lack of features

The BenQ Zowie EC1-B is an easy-to-use optical wired mouse. Its unique construction makes the mouse suitable for large hand-holders.

Zowie EC1-B fits hands nicely, does not slip, and is Miceher responsive.

You can connect the BenQ Zowie EC1-B to a laptop or desktop computer using USB. The cable length of this mouse is 6 feet.

This product comes with 5 buttons, with one button to switch the sensor resolution. The Zowie EC1-B comes in classic black. Although the design is quite minimal, it is a game-winning versatile feature that makes it a pleasure to hold the mouse.

The manufacturer gives 12 months warranty. If you need a standard, reliable accessory for gaming, this Zowie wired mouse is all you need.

2.BenQ Zowie FK2

Best Zowie mice for a fingertip grip

BenQ Zowie FK2

DPI: 400 to 3200 | Interface: Wired | Button: 5 | Ergonomic: ambidextrus



Rank Review (1,570)

Ambidextrous design

Responsive mouse button

Plug and play features

Cord Excellent cord

There is no target button to reduce P DPI

Scroll wheel and click sound production

High-precision mouse Zowie FK2 is highly sought after among gamers. It has become widely known as the number one choice for many e-sports players.

This device is suitable for both right-hand and left-hand. It provides a high level of comfort during use.

Whether you are a claw or palm-grip user, you can feel the total control in your hands due to the low profile design of the mouse.

With the Zowie FK2, you can cover the body of the mouse with the tip of your finger to point the cursor in the right direction.

If you’re a gaming addict looking for a simple but effective device that doesn’t promise too much publicity but has the same features you expected, this Zowie gaming mouse will be a sweet spot.

3. BenQ Zowie S2

Best Zowie gaming mouse for claw grip

BenQ Zowie S2

DPI: 400 to 3200 | Interface: Wired | Button: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

Rank Review (92)

Convenient shape

Sensor Excellent sensor

Flexible wires

Plug and play features

Cable design only

No ability to reprogram input


Although it is quite large, the BenQ Zowie S2 is a lightweight mouse that is popular among gamers. Due to the high back bump, it makes it suitable for any hand.

This ambidextrous device is convenient and the left side button is easy to detect. The wire mounting point is raised at an angle so that the cable can be pulled into the pad.

The BenQ Zowie S2 is not the best option for those looking for a portable mouse because you cannot re-program the inputs and connect to the computer wirelessly.

Nevertheless, it is a good choice among many Zowie gaming Mices, thanks to its low click delays and sensitive feedback.

4. BenQ Zowie ZA13

Good Zowie mouse for people with small hands

BenQ Zowie ZA13

DPI: 400 to 3200 | Interface: Wired | Button: 5 | Ergonomic: ambidextrus

Rank Review (329)

Ambidextrous design

InfiltMiceing side buttons

Suitable for FPS games

Plug and play

Comes without light

DPI button does not include the “On the Fly”

The BenQ Zowie ZA13 has great performance and is a good mouse for FPS gaming. The two thumb buttons on either side are easy to identify by mere touch, which is very convenient during gameplay.

The only downside to the Zowie ZA13 is that it lacks the “fly “DPI button. The DPI button is located under the mouse, making it challenging to change the DPI level.

Being a budget-friendly product, the BenQ Zowie ZA13 attracts users with its exceptional quality. It has no button delays but it can boast of stylish design, first-class tracking, and consistent touch response.

All these features make the model the best Zowie mouse in this price range.


EC series

The Zowie EC series is arguably the most popular of the three although it is closely followed by the FK series. If you watch or play a lot of CSGOs you will probably find that it is one of the top Mices used by my most professional CSGO players.

The EC series is widely popular among FPS players in general due to its unique ergonomic shape, solid sensors and average weight.


However, this series is probably the most confusing because there are different versions of it. Here’s what you need to know:

EC1 is the larger version.

EC2 is the medium version.

We will get into shape soon but another important point is that each version (EC1 and EC2) has two variants (A&B).

EC1-A, EC1-B and EC2-A use Avago 3310 sensors.

EC2-B uses PMW3360 sensor.


The EC2-B uses a more up-to-date PMW3360 sensor which is a slight upgrade over the Avago 3310. There is no big difference between the two sensors, the main one is the tilt slam fix. The new 3360 solves many of the problems with the 3310 where you swipe your mouse very quickly which spins out.

The EC series also comes in a glossy coating and more plastic matte coating. Keep this in mind if you decide to choose the EC series mouse.

I am going to talk about EC2-B primarily here because the rest of the EC series is the same except for the differences described above.


Let’s take a closer look at the EC2-B measurements because it’s a great way to see how it fits your grip type and hand.


Length: 120 mm

Width: 61 mm

Height: 40 mm

Weight: 95 grams

Zowie EC2-B weight

Zowie EC2-B front view

The EC series Mices are widely regarded as the most comfortable Mices on the market. Since the EC2-B test I can see why, it has a very nice shape and although I like the FK series overall, the EC series is more comfortable.

Coming at 95g the EC2-B is a bit heavier than its siblings. Also, keep in mind that the EC1 series weighs about 100 grams or more.

Of all the Zowie Mices, the EC series is the best mouse for palm grip players (generally speaking). Palm Grips players will benefit much more from the ergonomic shape than from the FK or ZA series.

EC2-B lends itself to players with approximately 17.5 cm-20 cm hands. It measures from the base of the palm of your hand to the tips of the middle finger.


The EC series has 5 primary buttons including a mouse 1, mouse 2 scroll wheel and two side buttons.

At the base, there is a DPI (up to 1600 dpi in 400 increments) button and a polling Micee button for cycling through various increments which is 125 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz.

If we compare the FK and EC series buttons, the EC series mouse 1 and 2 are lighter. It’s a matter of considering whether you’re playing a high action every minute. I tried playing Legend League with FK1 and it was less than ideal.

In the case of side buttons, they are more ‘squishy’ due to the lack of a better technical term than the FK or ZA buttons. Their travel time is a bit longer and they feel less sensitive. FK / ZA is certainly the winner on the EC series when it comes to the side button.

The new addition of a vote Micee at the base of the mouse is a welcome addition. Previously, Zowie Mices were a pain to configure, requiring you to press a series of specific buttons to cycle through different voting Micees.

EC2-B removes this annoyance from you by using a helpful button and LED to highlight the Micee you are using.

The DPI button is similar to other models that allow you to cycle through color coded DPI increments.


DPI color:


400 – Red

800 – Purple

1600 – Blue

3600 – Green

The biggest disadvantage of EC2 is the scroll wheel. Zowie Mices are known for their scroll wheels being somewhat unpleasant. I can’t see why they get so hated because they’re still usable.

However, the EC2 scroll wheel is particularly weak compared to the FK series and poorer than my Logitech Mice.


Cable and lift-off distance

The lift-off distance for EC2-B is about 1.5mm to 1.8mm which is close to the industry standard so there is nothing to complain about here.


The wire contains quality durable rubber. This is something that Zowie does really well because their cables produce minimal drag which was my problem with the G403 and other Logitech Mices.


EC series verdict

Overall the EC series is a solid top-end mouse that lends itself to a wide spectrum of players. It is more suitable for palm grip players but of course nail grip players can also use it. It’s the most comfortable of all Zowie Mices in my opinion but its side buttons and scroll wheel let it down a bit.


  1. Divina series

The Zowie family’s new S series. The S series is an improvement over the FK series. Zowie has made the FK series so popular and improved on it.


The S series comes in two variants. S1 and S2. S1 is larger than the two. You can only get it in baby blue or pink when the S Divina series was released.


Recently, Zowie announced that they will also be releasing the S Series in their usual black matte cover.

Zowie S2 Divina


Zowie has updated the mouse sensor from the Avago 3310 to the new PMW3360 sensor.


This was a widely requested feature from many gaming Mice hobbyists. This solves the problem of tilt-slamming and brings the Joey series even more in line with the competition in the market.





The two dimensions of the S1 are as follows, larger than the variants of the two S series


Length: 126 mm

Width: 61 mm

Height: 39 mm

Weight: 90 grams

S2 Divina weight

The S series has taken the FK shape and made some small adjustments for greater variation in grip style. The Mice’s hump is a little more pronounced and the mouse in general is not flat. This further pushes the mouse towards the palm grip and the nail grip player. This does not mean that the mouse finger is not suitable for players, although I think the FK would be more suitable.

Zowie has all the delicate comfort notches placed on the primary mouse button and mouse side. Unlike the FK series, however, the S series is not obscure where there are only side buttons on the left side of the mouse.


Zowie listened and made the initial clicks of the S series much lighter than the FK or ZA series. Clicks feel better and crisper which allows the S series to use more than just FPS games.

Zowie has added a button at the base of the mouse to help toggle between different settings for polling Micees. This is a huge improvement over the FK series which involved pressing a sequence of buttons which was a pain to remember.

Below is also the normal DPI button to toggle between 400, 800, 1600, 3200 DPI increments.

It has been said before that the S series is not only obscured with the side buttons on the left side of the mouse. The side buttons are a bit bigger than the FK series. Your thumb has less space to rest. Overall the side buttons have been improved because they feel crisper and more sensitive.

Zowie finally heard about their scroll wheels. The S series had an upgraded and improved scroll wheel on top of the FK series.

Zowie is known for not having the best scroll wheel in the industry but the S series is certainly much better. The groove seems to be defined but not very repressive. The scroll wheel also has less buzz when scrolling faster.

Cable and lift-off distance

The comfortable 1.5-1.8mm lift-off distance did not change. The cable has a gray rubber texture and feels really flexible and lightweight for stock cable. Joey always has great cables compared to Logitech’s heavy braid options. The mouse will still benefit greatly from a paracord

S series verdict

The S Series Zowie is a much-needed upgrade for the Mice family. Zowie is slowly shifting all of their Mices to more advanced sensors which is a great sign. The S Series takes all the good parts of the FK series and makes further improvements on it.

The S series is currently my favorite in the series if you prefer a palm grip or nail grip and an unambiguous shape compared to the ergonomic EC series.

I would recommend the S1 for players who hold the palm of the hand larger than 19.5 cm and the grip of the nail larger than 21 cm.

FK series

The FK series is as famous as the EC series which is adopted very successfully by many professional e-sports organizations and often replaces the old Mices of some competitive CSGO players.

It comes in three different forms which are FK1, FK1 + and FK2. Fortunately this series is easy to understand that FK2 is the smallest of the three (just as EC2 was the smallest of the EC series). FK1 is in the middle and FK1 + is the largest.


For the grip style and hand size, the FK series is more focused on a claw grip player or palm-claw hybrid. The shells in FK are much smaller than in the EC and ZA series in particular.

Depending on the size of your hand I would recommend FK2 for a hand size of 16.5-18 cm. FK1 for 18-19.5 and FK1 + for anything above 20cm.



The FK series is powered by a slightly older Avago 3310 which I have already talked about. This should not be your driving factor in choosing any one of the Mices as there is no noticeable difference in performance between the two sensors discussed.



The dimensions for FK1 are as follows. I am comparing the middle look of each mouse to stay consistent.



Length: 128 mm

Width: 60 mm

Height: 37 mm

Weight: 89 grams

Zowie FK1 weight

You can see from the dimensions that the FK1 is a bit taller than the EC series although it is narrower and shorter.



The buttons are similar to the EC series although there is no polling Micee button. One question that is often asked is how to change the vote Micee in FK1 because it is not very clear.

Here’s a snippet from the Zowie support page:

Make sure the mouse is unplugged.

125 Hz: Hold the button 4 + 5 and hover the mouse over the USB port. Once the wheel ignites the Micee will be 125 Hz.

500 Hz: Hold button 5 and hover the mouse over the USB port. Once the wheel ignites, the Micee will be 500 Hz.

1000 Hz: Hold down 4 buttons and hover the mouse over the USB port. Once the wheel ignites the Micee will be 1.000 Hz. (Do this only if you previously switched to 125 or 500 Hz)

Already you can see why the addition of the new polling Micee button to the EC series was so great.


They are the most resistant of all series for the initial buttons. Although this is not a bad thing. I prefer to browse with my FK mouse than my G403, G Pro Wireless or my EC2. The reason is that the mouse clicks are hard so I don’t accidentally right-click while browsing.

This is a very precise use case but in general, a slightly more resistant click is great if you don’t play a high action every minute.

However, it can come down to personal preferences.

An important point to consider with the FK series is that these are bifurcated which is not the case with the EC series. The Mice has two side buttons on either side to support the right and left hand players.


Some players are concerned that their fingers may accidentally click on a side button that they are not using. I can comfortably tell you that this won’t happen because your fingers will sit under them.


The FK series has a DPI button that you can expect. It has the same configuMiceion as the EC series.


Cable and lift-off distance

The extras in the FK series are basically the same as the EC series. The lift-off distance is about 1.5 to 1.8mm and the cable is rubber like the EC series.


Judgment of the FK series

It is one of the major claw-grip gaming Mices. It’s simple, lightweight and feels really shiny on the hands. This was my main mouse for many years for the features I described above. If you are a nail grip or palm grip hybrid, you must consider this.

ZA series

The ZA series is released after the EC and FK series and is targeted at a specific type of player. Initially the ZA series lends itself to palm and nail grip players who like the look and feel of the FK series but want more support.

Following in the footsteps of other series, ZA has three variants: ZA11, ZA12 and ZA13. ZA11 is the largest, ZA in the middle and then ZA13 is the smallest.

Best Claw Grip Mouse FK1

Depending on the size of your hand I would recommend ZA 13 for hand size of 16.5-18 cm. ZA12 for 18-19.5 and ZA11 for anything above 20cm.



Like the FK series above, the ZA uses the Avago 3310 sensor so it is not up to date like the EC2. Again no problem with the 3310 sensor, it provides clear tracking and no shaking.



The ZA series has a slightly narrower shell at the beginning and tip than the FK series. This is a bit higher (39mm vs. 37mm) where the extra support comes from. Although it is still not as high as EC 2-B (40mm).

The hump or arch of the Mice is more prominent at the base of the mouse, which is why it is suitable for palm grip players because it provides comfort and support to the palate.

ZA side view


Length: 124 mm

Width: 58 mm

Height: 39 mm

Weight: 85 grams

The most important thing to take away from the dimensions is that the ZA series of each variant is 5g lighter than the FK series and 10g lighter than the ZA13 EC2-B. This is a significant difference if you prefer lightweight Mices.



The ZA series rocks the same set up as the FK series so I’m not going into it anymore. Just know that the primary mouse buttons are similar to the FK series and look a lot the same but the side buttons are compatible with EC2-B.


They feel spongy like the FK series buttons and are not sensitive.

It is worth mentioning that the base of the ZA series does not have a polling Micee button but it does have a DPI increment button.

Cable and lift-off distance

The wire-like extras are the same as ever. A nice flexible rubber cable that will fit inside a mouse bungee like the Zowie Camade. The lift-off distance is the same so there is nothing to worry about here.


Judgment of the ZA series

Another solid mouse by Zowie and it has its own niche on the market. Perfect for the type of player who wants strong arch support but wants to keep the mouse light and shiny.

If you think the EC2-B shape may not be for you and if the FK series seems too flat for your choice, then the ZA series is a must consider.



The mouse pick is due to the huge amount of models and variations that you can choose from. Xavier Mices don’t have one-size-fits-all. That’s why they designed their Mices in specific shapes to try to create something for everyone.


Hopefully, you have found something useful in this guide. Please read the table I gave at the top of the article to help each model see which one you like.

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